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Fred Evrard is back to talk with us about what to eat to kill cancer. Enjoy this fascinating interview! 

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0:00 Welcome back, Fred Evrard!
0:35 Fred’s cancer success story 
1:58 How did you handle fasting? 
8:25 Did you have anything other than supplements while fasting? 
10:00 What supplements did you take? 
20:18 What did you eat after your 21-day fast? 
22:22 What quantity of food did you eat?
23:20 What type of vegetables did you eat? 
25:05 What do you eat now?
27:08 Do you take probiotics? 
27:52 Tell us about your stress before cancer
33:40 The importance of educating yourself on your health
40:10 Thank you, Fred! 

Fred Evrard is back with us to answer your questions about how he overcame cancer and what to eat to kill cancer. 

Fred found out he had a 10 cm tumor in his colon. But, within four months, he went from having borderline stage four cancer to being cancer-free. 

Fred attributes much of his success to fasting, keto, and a unique supplement protocol. During his 21-day fast, he didn’t have any food. He mostly had water. He also consumed a shot of wheatgrass juice, using my Wheatgrass Juice Powder, around three to four times a week. 

After his fast, he committed to OMAD (one meal a day) and a strict 100% organic ketogenic diet with supplements. Even though Fred could not, if you can, it may be best to take supplements while fasting as well. 

The supplements he used were:
• Vitamin D3
• Vitamin C
• Turmeric
• Zinc
• Omega-3 fatty acids (in the form of fish oil and DHA)
• Alpha-lipoic acid 
• Garcinia cambogia 
• Garlic or garlic extract 
• Melatonin 
• Bromelain 
• Matcha green tea 

After three months, Fred did another 21-day fast—but he only fasted for five days a week and ate a keto diet over the weekend. But, even when he ate over the weekend, he was still doing OMAD.

As a part of his strict 100% organic ketogenic diet, he consumed proteins, fats, and vegetables, which for him, included:
• Freshly pressed vegetable juice
• 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef (mostly ribeye steak)
• Healthy fats (avocados, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and French heavy cream) 

He would break his fast with fresh vegetable juice, and about an hour later, he would have a large steak cooked in butter or olive oil with Himalayan salt or sea salt and an avocado. About 5 to 10 minutes after that, he would have a large glass of green tea. He also did a lot to lower his stress throughout his journey. 

Enjoy this interview with Fred Evrard!

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