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The 10 Best Lip Balms That’ll Actually Get the Job Done in 2024

There are very few universal truths, but one of them has to be that everybody hates chapped lips. That’s why there are seemingly endless lip balms to choose from, all claiming they can get rid of the dry, flaky, cracked skin that plagues so many of us. To help narrow down your options to the … Read more
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A Better Way to Eliminate Candida for Good

SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER HERE: Discover a better way to eliminate candida for good with these 3 tips! DATA: 0:00 Introduction: What is candida? 0:15 What causes candida overgrowth? 0:44 Candida overgrowth symptoms 1:40 Other causes of candida overgrowth 2:30 How to get rid of candida 3:05 Sign up for my newsletter to get unfiltered … Read more
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Fix Your Stiff Neck in 90 Seconds (SCM Acupressure Trigger Points) – Dr. Alan Mandell, D.C.

This pain relief technique will instantly allow those tight SCM (sternocleidomastoid) muscles to relax so you may regain more motion and less pain. Make sure you like us on facebook: source
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How to Get Through an Eczema Flare-Up at Work

Your “cope ahead kit” should contain some other soothing things, too, like an ice pack you pop in the office freezer when you get in and apply for relief if you need it. (If your workplace doesn’t have a kitchen, consider bringing along a mini-cooler.) Justyna keeps sunscreen, lip balm, and moisturizer in her bag. … Read more
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The #1 Top Remedy for Dental Plaque (TARTAR)

Discover the best remedy to get rid of tartar and prevent it from coming back! DATA: The #1 TOP Remedy for Dental Plaque (Tartar) ▶️ Natural Solution for Plaque, Cavities, and Gingivitis ▶️ The 2 BEST Foods for Your Teeth and Gums ▶️ 0:00 Introduction: What is tartar? 1:44 Ancient cultures and toothpaste 2:37 Homemade … Read more
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Can Rogaine Help My Overplucked Eyebrows Grow Back?

Welcome to Ask a Derm, a series from SELF in which board-certified dermatologists answer your pressing questions about skin, hair, and nail health. For this installment, we tapped Susan Massick, MD, FAAD, an associate professor of dermatology at The Ohio State University College of Medicine focused on patient care, resident education, and community engagement. Her … Read more