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Fix Sacroiliac Imbalance …The Common Cause to Lower Back, Hips, Groin, & Sciatica | Dr. Mandell

Taken from Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery (Volume 161, October 2017, Pages 104-109). This study reveals that groin pain is commonly linked to sacroiliac problems. I will review some important exercises and detailed information to correct this problem. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction may cause sciatica-like symptoms that rarely extend below the knee. Stiffness and reduced range-of-motion in … Read more
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The Morning Routine Jennifer Garner Swears By to Feel and Look Her Best at 52

As a busy mom of three, Jennifer Garner knows that her mornings won’t always play out as planned. In fact, she’s usually prepared for the unpredictable. For example, “yesterday I was trying to sleep in, but my son woke me up and said, ‘Mom, the dog just ate the lens out of a pair of … Read more
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7 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Discover the signs you’re eating too much sugar. Number 1 will surprise you! 0:00 Introduction: The classic side effects of sugar 0:15 Sugar vs. carbohydrates 3:12 7 signs you’re eating too much sugar 4:59 The #1 sign you’re eating too much sugar In this video, we’re going to talk about some of the side effects … Read more
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How to Have Great Sex If You Deal With Chronic Pain

If you have a partner, Dr. Rafie also suggests broaching the idea of masturbating alongside them while they have their own solo sex moment. This can be superhot in its own right while also allowing you to move at your own pace and stay in a comfy position. 5. Plan for intimacy at your “sexual … Read more
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The # 1 Dementia Remedy (GAME CHANGER)

FREE PDF: Top 25 Home Remedies That Really Work 👉 Extreme Dose! Melatonin The Miracle Anti-Aging Hormone Anti-Alzheimers Hormone (Jeff T. Bowles) BOOK LINK: Learn how to help prevent cognitive decline with this incredible dementia remedy. This is a game-changer! The MOST Powerful Antioxidant Is Melatonin: ▶️ DATA: 0:00 Introduction: The missing information about dementia … Read more