Miranda Kerr Has Killer Abs, Legs In A Miniskirt & Crop Top On IG

  • Miranda Kerr just hit up the Big Apple, and she shared a few snaps from her trip that showed off her sculpted legs and a peek of abs.
  • The model recently teamed up with trainer Megan Roup to program a two-week workout routine.
  • To start her day, Miranda loves lemon water and smoothies.

Miranda Kerr is embracing her inner city girl, and she was looking absolutely stunning on Instagram while doing so. The 40-year-old model dropped a photo dump from her latest trip to New York City, and it was ~everything~.

Miranda’s vacay pics including one of her showing off her super long, strong legs in a miniskirt while sipping tea. She also shared photos of herself getting ready, adding a little mascara to her makeup look, and showing a peep of her sculpted abs in a cute crop top. She is, in a word: slaying.

β€œA New York minute πŸŽπŸ—½πŸš•β€ Miranda captioned the photos, which were of course a hit with her followers. β€œπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜,” commented Zooey Deschanel. Even Paris Hilton added her own heart eyes emoji to the post, and a follower wrote: β€œCute as always.” I would have to agree.

Besides looking totally chic and adorable, Miranda is definitely super strong. Evidence A: Her sculpted abs. And luckily, the model shares her fitness secrets. She recently teamed up with celebrity trainer Megan Roup to launch a two-week full-body workout on The Sculpt Society app. The exercises are low-impact but will definitely give your muscles a good burn.

“I’ll never forget my first workout with Megan,” Miranda told Shape last fall. “I felt like every muscle in my body had been worked out, which was such a good feeling!” The under 20-minute workout routines include dance cardio classes, as well as strength workouts that can be done anywhere.

Miranda has daily movement goals that keep her feeling energized, she told Shape. She strives to work out and walk for an hour every day. “But sometimes it can feel overwhelming to dedicate a full hour [to a] workout when you’re so busy, which is why I love Megan’s short, quickie options. You really feel like you are getting such great results and can do it in little 15- to 20-minute increments throughout the day,” she shared with the mag. She’s also a fan of Pilates and running for cardio! No wonder her abs are looking so strong.

When it comes to fueling her body, Miranda shared she likes to start every day with 32 ounces of room temperature water with lemon, and then the same amount of cold pressed celery juice, she shared with The Daily Mail. She follows these two drinks with a detox smoothie, that includes blueberries, coriander, spirulina, barley grass juice powder, Atlantic dulse (which is a type of sea veggie) bananas and an orange. Yum!!

For lunch and dinner, Miranda will opt for a lean protein like a grilled fish, and often enjoys sweet potato hash with a boiled egg and cauliflower soup, she shared with the outlet. And of course, she’s not afraid to let loose once in a while. Miranda says her treat of preference is a tequila shot with coconut water. A fun time, and hydrating; you love to see it.

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Miranda, your plan is clearly working because you are looking better and stronger than ever! Looking forward to her next NYC visit!

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