Brie Larson Has Rock-Hard Abs In New Cannes Festival Insta Pics

  • Brie Larson, 33, showed off her epic abs in her latest Cannes Festival red carpet look.
  • The actress is known for her sculpted abs, and says her fitness journey helped her develop a stronger sense of self.
  • During her most intense training periods, Brie fuels her workouts 1 tsp. of almond butter and 1 tsp. of preserves.

She’s sculpted! She’s toned! She’s Brie Larson, of course! The Captain Marvel, 33, star showed off her epic abs at her latest Cannes Festival red carpet walk. The star wore a two-piece Chanel dress with simple curly waves in her hair. She was, as usual, a total knock out.

Brie’s been blessing her feed a lot lately with these Cannes looks, but this one might be the best of all—it’s just really working for her! Her followers thought so, too. “Slaying all festival-long. A feat! ✨,” wrote director Ava DuVernay. “BRIE YOU’RE SERVING LOOKS IN CANNES ❤️‍🔥,” wrote a very enthusiastic, and correct, fan. “You look MARVELOUS 🌟🫶,” another comment reads.

Brie’s fitness routine is, unexpectedly, intense. The star documents some of her workouts on her Instagram, which include Pilates, dancing, sled-pushing, and more. Brie has said that her passion for fitness has helped her develop a “stronger sense of self,” per Harper’s BAZAAR. I imagine the wide range of workouts help, too!

As for what Brie eats to fuel her workouts (other than pizza), the star often changes her diet based on the role she’s playing at the moment. For example, while filming Room in 2015, the actress would work out with just 1 tsp. of almond butter with 1 tsp. of all-fruit jam or preserves to fuel her morning workout, per PEOPLE.

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It’s worth noting that Brie’s character in Room was malnourished, so this probably isn’t the best fuel meal. However, the mix of fat and sugar early in the morning will “increase intensity rate while you train early in the morning … and allow you to still continue to train and burn fat,” her nutritionist, Dr. Philip Goglia, told PEOPLE at the time.

Brie also enjoys chicken, fish, veggies, and berries. During some pre-filming trainings, she’ll have “bridge meals” which is essentially a snack (usually a piece of fruit) to tide her over between her bigger meals.

She clearly commits to her characters! Go off, Brie!

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