Shay Mitchell Flaunts Strong Abs, Legs, & Underboob In Oscars Pics

  • Shay Mitchell, mom of two, showed up in style at the Oscars last weekend, and wowed the crowd with her strong body.
  • The actress donned a cut-out dress that showed off her sculpted AF abs and a peek of underboob in new photos she posted to her Instagram feed.
  • Shay likes to jump rope, go for hikes, and meet up with her buddies for indoor cycling classes.

The Oscars were live-streamed on Sunday night, but celebrities are slowing rolling out behind-the-scenes content that shows just how awesome their looks were. Case in point: Actress Shay Mitchell, who debuted two completely stunning ‘fits.

The 35-year-old star just did an Instagram photo dump from the night that featured her wearing a sheer, black, corseted dress and a jaw-droppingly-cool green dress with major cut-outs and a high-slit that showed off her toned abs, strong legs, and even a little underboob.

“About last night… #vfoscars,” she wrote in the caption. People were all about it in the comments. “You didn’t have to go this hard 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻,” one wrote, while another joked, “Shay Mitchell—more like Slay Mitchell.”

OK, but Shay is seriously strong right now and, lucky for us, she previously shared details about her workout and overall wellness routine with Women’s Health. For starters, she uses Openfit with her friend Stephanie Shepherd, working out five days a week for four weeks with the app. (She has a partnership with the app, BTW.)

“It changed everything,” she said. “I had way more energy; I don’t have five cups of coffee anymore. I can sound preachy when I’m talking about it, but it totally altered my year.”

She’s also worked with trainer Kelsey Heenan doing a mix of HIIT workouts, EMOMs (every minute on the minute), jump squats, arm and leg raises, and squat presses. “For me, it was always about a deadlift,” Shay said. “Getting up to 50 pounds was a boss move. I was really proud of myself.”

Shay shared that she also likes to jump rope, go for hikes, and meet up with her buddies for indoor cycling classes.

And then she’ll just totally crush an abs workout like it’s nothing. Earlier this year, Shay casually shared a video on Instagram of herself working her way through plank variations like a total boss at the gym and whew!

On the food front, Shay told WH that she’s a “healthy-ish” eater. “I wish I could say it was all quinoa, salmon, and asparagus, but it’s not,” she said.

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She likes to kick her day off with water with lemon, along with a breakfast quesadilla of eggs, spinach, cheese, and olive oil. She’ll have a snack around 11am of fruit and, for lunch, she’ll have soup. Usually it’s pho or chicken and macaroni. Shay also likes to have cheese, vegetables, and a glass of wine around 4pm, followed by dinner of noodles and veggies with a salad. Dessert may be Lily’s chocolate-covered almonds or caramel-chocolate cookies from Costco.

That dress, though… Go, Shay!

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