Hydrating + Stress Relief Drink Mix

When you are feeling stressed and struggling to stay hydrated, an anti-stress drink mix can help. You need every tool available to help you combat stress, so that you can get back to focusing on what matters to you, from your normal routine to rigorous workouts. This is the perfect stress relief drink mix for people who want to take control when stress interrupts their lives.

You probably know that working out helps alleviate stress, and workouts require proper hydration. Drinking Powerful Hydration’s stress relief drink mix before workouts can help you hydrate quickly and properly, which gives you the hydration boost you need to combine stress-reducing exercise with powerful ingredients designed to promote relaxation and alleviate stress. Our anti-stress drink mix also promotes recovery. Do not miss out on this powerful tool to keep your stress in check and to help you continue your workouts. You need a stress relief drink that works as hard as you do!

Ingredients That Promote Relaxation

Our stress relief drink mix is made from ingredients designed to relax you. Magnesium is an ingredient that calms your nerves and allows your muscles to relax. Calcium is a vital sister nutrient of magnesium. Where magnesium relaxes your muscles, calcium is the nutrient responsible for muscle tensing. Keeping your nutrient levels of calcium and magnesium balanced helps with a number of involuntary bodily actions like your heartbeat, pulse, and respiration, all of which are impacted by stress. Our drink mix pairs magnesium and calcium for optimal health, relaxation, and recovery.

Ashwaghandha might be a trendy ingredient, but there is good reason for that. A powerful and ancient adaptogen, researchers have documented its benefits for reducing stress and anxiety.

Aids in Recovery And Mental Clarity

This calm drink mix is packed with ingredients to help reduce stress and lower inflammation.   Tart Cherry helps to lower inflammation combating the effects of stress and strenuous exercise on the body.  Your cognition or your ability to think depends on a variety of brain functions like memory and self-control. Ashwaghandha has many health benefits, including its ability to improve your mental clarity. Some research indicates that it improved the memory test scores of adults who supplemented with it. Magnesium is known for improving many brain functions, including memory. B vitamins also promote brain health by improving executive mental function. Executive mental function is tied to working memory, mental flexibility, and self-control. The powerful combination of ingredients will help keep your brain sharp.

Helps Reduce Cortisol

Staying hydrated is key to reducing your cortisol levels, and electrolytes help hydrate you more quickly. Magnesium-rich foods like this supplement are often recommended by dieticians because they know the benefits they confer for both relaxation and stress reduction. The B vitamins form yet another line of defense against stress. Ashwaghandha is known for reducing cortisol levels in addition to its benefits for promoting relaxation. Our stress relief drink mix is great not only for what it contains, but also for what ingredients it excludes. Unlike leading sports drinks, there is no sugar in this calm drink mix, which matters because sugar can increase your cortisol levels.

Protein is yet another part of optimal health, which can also provide stress-relieving benefits. Check out Powerful Nutrition’s many options for healthy high-protein snacks.

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