Hurry—SoulCycle’s At-Home Bike is $1,000 off Right Now

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried countless in-studio cycling classes, but never understood the hype—perhaps the energy was overwhelming, the studio was too far, or the membership was just too expensive. Or maybe, you’re a ride-or-die cyclist whose weekly workout schedule includes hours in the studio guided by empowering instructors, listening to fun music, and cycling to your limit.

Whichever way you spin it, an at-home cycling bike might change the way you feel about spinning—like SoulCycle’s bike has for me. Lower your lights and raise the volume to get the same studio feel from the convenient comfort of your own home—and for a lot less. Right now you can save even more on the bike that converted me from an anti-cyclist to a spin-enthusiast because SoulCycle’s At-Home Bike is $1,000 off for a limited-time holiday sale.


SoulCycle At-Home Bike, $1,500 (was $2,500);

Cycling is an effective form of cardio and strength training, but riding outdoors isn’t always ideal. And while some enthusiasts opt for in-studio classes, this option tends to be inconvenient and expensive for many. A simple solution: Invest in a high-quality indoor cycling bike to reap the many benefits of cycling from the comfort of your home. 

Indoor cycling bikes allow you to alter resistance, cadence, and intensity while you ride. And some higher-end models offer live and on-demand workout classes. When choosing an indoor cycling bike, you want something that’s safe, sturdy, adjustable, comfortable, and high-performing—a bike that will keep you wanting to ride. SoulCycle’s At-Home Bike excels in all of these key areas, and more.

Prior to my first ride, I had to adjust the bike to my preferred height. This was seamless, thanks to thorough instructional videos featured on the bike’s display. As soon as I hopped on the bike, I was shocked by how solid it felt—it remained sturdy, regardless of the speed or resistance level I was using. I appreciated that there were no distractions while upping the intensity of my workouts because the resistance knob and dumbbell holders were easy to reach.

But the bike’s design isn’t the only thing that impresses me. What keeps SoulCycle stans coming back is the empowerment that comes from the instructors’ encouragement as they ride in step to the beat of the music. The bike’s on-demand and live classes allow for that same feeling, without the inconvenience or expense of leaving your home. Clip in and choose from a large library of classes—you can even filter by instructor, length, level, and music genre to find the perfect fit for you.

Not only do I get a killer workout every single time I use SoulCycle’s At-Home Bike, but I am left feeling energized and motivated after each ride. If you’re looking for an indoor cycling bike that can leave you with that same feeling, now’s the perfect time to invest in SoulCycle’s At-Home Bike, as it’s available at the lowest price we’ve seen recently. For a limited time, you can get SoulCycle’s At-Home Bike for $1,000 off to experience the benefits and studio feel from the comfort of your home.

By Michelle Parente

Michelle understands how a quality product can truly elevate your everyday life. She’s dedicated to providing honest and reliable product recommendations to her readers.

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