An Editor’s Review Of The Weighted Workout Vest

Quick, picture a weighted vest. What comes to mind? If it’s that classic image of a Navy SEAL moving through a painful-yet-impressive boot camp session, that’s where my brain used to go—until I tried the Omorpho G-Vest+.

This “gravity sportswear” garment is designed to help you get stronger and faster, but in a less intimidating manner. Ultimately, it checked three boxes for me: It provides a true performance benefit, it’s travel-friendly, and it’s just a beautiful product I actually *want* to wear when I’m working out.

In this case, carrying the load can be a great thing. Here are all the details to know before investing in one yourself.

Omorpho G-VEST+


Omorpho G-VEST+

Credit: Omorpho

How It Works

Weighted spheres are sewn into a comfortable silhouette made of polyester and rubber, and the beads are evenly distributed around it. The women’s model packs five pounds of weight in total, offering just a hint of resistance to turn up the burn.

It’s a perfect complement to a strength-training program when you want an extra dash of challenge. If you’re preparing for an endurance event, the G-Vest+ is an ideal way to amp up pace and speed.

The five pounds feel noticeable to me during the first few minutes of a workout, but soon after, I forget I’m even wearing it. The weight is not intense enough to hinder your movement and form, which is key.

Look And Feel

This is the most sleek stylish weighted vest on the market, trust me. I have worn mine on top of a tank or sports bra without getting many curious looks on the street, but it also is thin enough to fit under a workout zip-up or sweatshirt.

Wondering what to do when your vest ends up soaked with sweat? I hand-wash it in the shower with soap and water, per the instructions, and hang it up to dry.

Shopping tip: The vest comes in S/M and L/XL—go with the bigger size if you have a large bust; you can adjust the shoulder straps and side elastics.

How To Use It During Your Workouts

I wear my G-Vest+ during strength workouts and speed-focused runs. I also fold it up and use it as a light weight when performing exercises like jumping jacks with an overhead press or Russian twists and other abs exercises.

I appreciate that it unzips easily so I can take it off if I’m gassed, say, on the treadmill. Because it’s such a micro-load of resistance at only five pounds, it’s fine to wear it during any type of workout if you’re generally healthy and active. (Tip: If you’re still working on nailing your form during certain exercises, hold off on wearing a weighted vest until you feel more confident in the movement.)

After training in the G-Vest+ for several runs, I feel faster and lighter on my feet, no question.

See the G-Vest+ in action:

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TBH, the G-Vest+ isn’t cheap at $279. That said, you get additional bang for your buck with the accompanying app, which features quick and effective workouts that use the tool in creative ways.

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